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    Can a script written in InDesign, run in the PDF output, such as a hover hint pop up?


      As always thank you in advance for your thoughfull answers.


      Since we have documents that by law, need to be able to be easilty printed, we are stuck with

      a printable format, but many users view them online in the PDF viewer.


      We are attempting to merge the 2 worlds with some interactivity, such a hover  to trigger a hint.


      I saw that you can do some JavaScripting in both (InDeisgn and PDF) so I am wondering if you can

      create the Script in the InDesign master copy, to then be "Saved as" the PDF (and work in the PDF viewer).


      The example would be for every word  X in the InDesign document, have a hover Pop up box giving

      you some extra detail abou that word.  (multiple scripts to get the job done is fine, as long as the end

      result is it works)




        Say you have the workd  RULE 123.b  in many places in a document, and want a quick

      summarry of that rule to pop up in a hover box when the user stays on that word, but

      also don't need it to be underlined like a link (so the print is not affrected)


      I can see creating a script in InDesign to look for those word patter, to then create some sort

      of hidden button / listener to trigger a small hint box to pop up on top of the docuement.

      or tie that word to another script that is then loaded or imported into the PDF ?



      Any thoughts ??   I know each can do JavaScript, and not sure if this is possible but would like to try.


      We are stuck with the PDF format for now, and I can think a 100 ways to do it outside of this format,

      but lets stick to the requirements  (it has to be a PDF, and we create it in InDesign)