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    How to fix streaming audio pops/crackles and then stops all sound


      I am a google Chrome user.  I am unsure if this problem is related to Chrome or to Flash by I suspect there is a problem with both.  I previously had this problem where when you start a youtube video for example the audio would pop/crack and then the audio would go dead.  If you were able to put the video on full screen before this happened it would work fine.  This really only happens with windowed (non-fullscreen videos).  Previously I went in to my chrome plugins and disabled chrome's native flash and that fixed the issue.  With the most recent update to Chrome this has happened again.  This time disabling chrome's flash does not work.  On the adobe version site it says that for chrome the version should be but it shows me as using 11.5.502.146.  The latter would be the version for firefox.  I do not use firefox.  Could this be causing my trouble?  I have used the official flash uninstaller and restarted my computer and reinstalled but the same thing happened.  Thanks.