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    Moving Premiere Pro into the future

    PierreLouisBeranek Level 1

      Allowing relevant Premiere Pro panels/windows to be wirelessly sent to a touch device such as an iPad or Android based tablet could provide an incredible productivity boost to editors!


      Doing this is possible and is currently being done by Anastasiy's 'DiskFonts 1.2' software. (see 3:25 of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSM7YkVuye0&feature=player_embedded#!)


      Touch Dock.jpg

      The opportunities for using touch devices in Premiere would be many:

      • Multi-camera editing by touching the camera angles on a tablet
      • doing audio mixes by sliding virtual faders
      • previewing/selecting fonts as DiskFonts does
      • color correcting
      • cropping, moving, resizing clips in the Program monitor
      • etc.


      For maximum benefit, certain windows, such as the Program Monitor, should offer the option of being copied, rather than just moved, to a touch device, such that the same window can be simultaneously used on one's computer monitor and tablet.


      Any thoughts on other areas where the use of a touch surface could provide Premiere Pro editors a productivity boost?  Please share!