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    Import XML with CDATA using ajax


      Hi, I know really little about programming but I think I've managed to find what my problem is. Please I need some help from you guys!


      I want to import data from a XML file and display that in a Text box. The data contained in the XML sections are articles written in HTML. As they could contain invalid XML characters they have added CDATA sections.


      This is the code I use in the compositionReady event:





        success: function(xml) {


         var content=$(xml).find('content').text();







      The problem is that the text displayed contains all of the HTML characters... however if I manually remove the <![CDATA[ and ]] from the XML file the text is correctly displayed. You can see a live version of the output at ayar.be, click on 'Welcome' and then 'How-to'.


      Any help or indication on how to solve this is greatly appreciated!