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    Double resolution (or @2x) script?


      Hi there,


      I am currently exporting image assets out of a project folder for iOS development use. I have created all the image assets as they would appear, and now am copying them to new files and saving them out as png's.


      Love love love the retina devices and the clearity that is achieved. I set my original files to have a PPI of 132, and to make my @2x / retina image assets, I simply double the resolution via:

      Modify>Canvas>Image Size. In there you can find the resolution and double up.


      This process works great. I save my images out via 'States to Files', so I simply add an '@2x' to the end of the state name, and I have my iOS ready image assets.


      It's time to get this process automated, but I am having a very hard time with Apple Script and Automator playing nice with A.Fireworks... any advice?


      Steps that would be great to automate:
      Add '@2x' to end of state title;

      Double resolution by entering '264' for resolution in Image Size;

      Export via States to Files


      Best regards,