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    Flash Player Not Working After System Restore


      i have been enjoying Adobe Flashplayer for quite some time and yes there has been issues in the past, but this is just mind boggling and beyound frusturating. last night i was playing an MMO RPG that requires flash player. my computer randomly shut down and when i turned it back on everything was fine EXCEPT the flash player, i tried to uninstall and reinstall the flash player (both adobe and Java, yes i also have RealPlayer and that dont seem to be working). still without a working flashplayer i decided to restore my system to an earlier time. when i did, however, it told me that something was keeping it from fully restoring. thinking it was the flash player or something simmilar i decided to try it on a later date. low and behold it restored the system to ABOUT 2 MONTHS AGO, still having the issue with the flash player and even going through all the steps for a successful install, all i manage to get is empty boxes where the video and the login screens, and when i am able to see the video, or where it is supposto be, it tells me that the video cannot be found. after reading a few of these disscussions i find it would be a waste of time to take my computer to a repair shop as they probably would have not better luck then myself. all i want to know is; what is going on and, what can be done (with little to no cost for myself) to get it fixed? i do not mean to be a pain but i do want/need this issue resolved

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          I've branched your problem into a new discussion, and moved it into the Installing Flash Player forum, as this will be more effective in getting you a resolution.


          If your machine powered off for no reason, that's typically either the motherboard or power supply's thermal or voltage protection kicking in.  If your machine blue-screened or rebooted, that's sounds more like a software issue.  If you haven't done so already, you might want to inspect your machine to make sure it's fans are operating freely and that the machine is relatively clear of dust and lint.  A UPS, if you're not using one is also an economical way to ensure that your machine is getting a steady supply of power.


          So the next question is why or how a system restore was triggered on your system.  I'm guessing that your system detected a problem with the disk or the operating system, asked you if you would like to restore, and you accepted.  Is that correct?  It's possible that your computer is in a bad state, or that your disk is failing, and some of the data is corrupt.  It's really hard to know, but power failure plus data corruption kind of points in that direction.  If you haven't backed up your critical data at this point, I'd recommend doing that first before messing with Flash Player, just to be on the safe side.


          The next problem that we need to look at is to figure out how to get Flash Player back into a good installed state.


          My recommendation would be to do the following:


          1.) Download the Flash Player uninstaller:


          2.) Download the Flash Player installers for Windows:


               Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)



               Flash Player Plug-in (All other browsers)



          3.) Reboot.  No, really.  Actually Reboot.  This will minimize any weirdness that might be preventing a successful uninstall.


          4.) Run the uninstaller that you download in Step 1


          5.) Reboot again.


          6.) Run the Flash Player installers that you downloaded in Step 1


          7.) Launch your browser, and go here:



          8.) Do you see the animation and stuff?


          This should fix you, but if you're still stuck, we'll try to help.  I'm concerned that you might have a failing disk and that the system restore didn't leave your machine in a consistent state, but I'll try to help with the Flash Player problem to the extent that I can.


          To help troubleshoot we'll need the following system information:

          - Operating system

          - Browser

          - Flash Player version - http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/find-version-flash-player.html

          - Installation Logs:

            You can find the locations here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/900591  -- just post the contents in a forum reply, or link to the logs on dropbox/pastebin/etc