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    How to save Fillable PDF form created in XI - So Acrobat Reader can fill out and send back


      Hi, Im extremely hopeful someone can help me with this question, Ive had extreme luck with this question site, you have all been amazing.


      I have created a fillable form in Adobe Acrobat XI and I have saved my work and Im ready to send the form to my client.


      I have been told that I need to save my file in a manner that the general public that does not have Acrobat XI, and mainly has acrobat reader, will be able to open, fill my form out, and send back to me completed.


      How do I do this.


      Ive run a couple tests with coworker and its not allowing the saving of the information that she filled out.


      Does anyone know how I need to save and distribute this form so I get it back filled out from my clients? that probably have only reader?


      thanks in advance for your help.