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    FAQ: Revel basics: What OS platforms and devices does Revel support?

    Pete.Green Adobe Employee

      Q: What OS platforms and devices does Revel support?


      A: Revel currently works on the web at AdobeRevel.com and an app is available for iPads, iPhones, and Macs.



      Q: What are the differences between the Revel apps for different devices and platforms?

      A: The key differences are as follows:

      • iPhone, iPad and Mac — Access, organize, edit, and share your photos on all your iOS devices, anywhere you are.
      • Web — Upload, access, and view your photos via your web browser.
      • Revel Importer for Android


      In the coming months, we will expand Revel onto new platforms, devices, and file formats.



      Q: Is there a Revel for Windows?


      A: Revel offers support for iOS, Mac, and our web client at AdobeRevel.com. We also offer the Revel Importer for Android, which enables you to import photos to your Revel account from your Android devices.


      We’re working to add capabilities and support for additional platforms, including Windows. Click here to be notified when our Windows or Android support become available.