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    Contrast mismatch between Organizer and Editor

    K J 27

      I can edit an image in Editor to where it looks great, to include the contrast, brightness, shadows, etc.  When I send it back to the Organizer, it look much too contrasty and dark.  When I use the same images in a slideshow originating in Organizer, they still look too contrasty.  Is there a way to correct this?  I'm using PSE 10 on a Windows 7 -64 bit machine. Thanks for any ideas.

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          Go to Edit>Color Settings in both programs and make sure your settings are the same in both editor and organizer.

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            K J 27 Level 1

            Thanks for your quick response.  I just checked out the settings in both the Editor and Organizer and they're both set on "let me decide".  I'm not sure what to do on that one.  I could go with optimizing the computer screen with sRGB, or the Adobe RGB for the printer, or no management, or decide on the fly.  If I go with the computer, I guess I'd have to change it when I print a photo out, and vice versa.  Have any suggestions for me? Thanks again. 


            New update.  I have a Dell color laser printer, and I just checked the manual.  It offers both sRGB and AdobeRGB.  My priority is really to have a good printout.   If I check sRGB I should be safe for either print or computer, but I'm wondering if I'd get as good a printout with sRGB as with AdobeRGB.  The easiest might be to see what the printer is curently set on, and then set PSE Organizer and Editor to match it.  I'll do that, and then see if that helps the mismatch between Organizer and Editor.