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    FAQ: Revel basics: Why is Adobe replacing Elements Plus services and PS.com accounts with Revel?

    Pete.Green Adobe Employee

      Q: Why is Adobe replacing Elements membership services and Photoshop.com accounts with Revel?


      A: Revel is our new photo service that’s built from the ground up for your mobile lifestyle. Revel gives you more access to your photos than ever before—on the web, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


      With Revel, you can organize, edit, and share your photos on all your devices, wherever you are.

      • Access your photos almost anywhere you go.
      • Keep your photos backed up in the cloud.
      • Organize, edit, and share across multiple devices.
      • Create beautiful web galleries that automatically update on your devices.


      We think you’re really going to love it. See Revel in action.

      Click here to see a  "how-to" video on Adobe TV, "Working with Adobe Revel".