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    Mosaic via clipping?

    wkjeiwoi Level 1

      I have this idea to place a raster image from Photoshop into Illustrator, and to have an array of Illustrator shapes over this placed image, to clipping mask the raster image with the shapes, and then to move the shapes individually, each one retaining it's section of that raster image which it clipped.


      I believe I'm getting the clipping part to happen, but when I move the shapes with the Direct Selection tool, the clipped contents doesn't move with it.


      I think that all of my shapes, taken as a whole are clipping this raster image...am I barkin' up the wrong tree here?


      thank you!



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Cliping paths do not cut anything. They merely mask visibility of pixels. If you need multiple pieces, you need to actually duplicate the image layer and apply its own clipping mask.



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            tromboniator Adobe Community Professional

            As Mylenium says:


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              JETalmage Level 6

              What you want is a feature called a lens fill.


              Among many other things, Illustrator does not provide that. Canvas, Corel Draw, and Adobe's other drawing program, FreeHand, have for many years.


              In Illustrator, in some instances, (depending on what exactly you are doing) you can resort to a cheap, cheezy, and cumbersome "cheat" by:


              1. Store the artwork or raster image that you want to clip as a Symbol.

              2. Use multiple paths on Instances of that Symbol.


              That way, your file still only contains the artwork once. Like a magnifyer lens fill, you can scale the clipped instances individually (i.e.; the functional equivalent of detail views). And editing the artwork (by editing the Symbol) updates the various instances contained in the several clipping paths.


              I did a demo of this here some years back, to create a zoomed-in detail of a map, in which edits to the map automatically updated the detail view.



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                wkjeiwoi Level 1

                thank you both..I had a feeling Freehand would be able to do this...no clue Adobe now owns it..wow..


                The Symbol method holds promise..I think I'll give that a whack..


                Another thought I had was: arrange the Illustrator shapes how I want them, import them into Photoshop to use them as a mask and place them over my raster image and use that selection to delete all but the area defined by the shapes, then to import that resulting PS file into the Illustrator document.


                if I change my mind about how I want the shapes, I'd have to re-do that process..I guess it's a matter of which would be less tedious: my PS method, or the Symbols method.


                Thank you for weighing in on this..