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    How to execute My Javascript code from command line or through perl or VB


      Hi Forum,


      I am a new bie, just 2 days old to acrobat and javascript, and I am basically a perl developer


      Here with I have created a small script to merge two pdf


      // Create a new PDF document:

      var newDoc = app.newDoc();

      // Insert doc1.pdf:


      nPage : -1,

      cPath : "/d/sathish/1.pdf",


      // Insert doc2.pdf:


      nPage : newDoc.numPages-1,

      cPath : "/d/sathish/2.pdf",


      // Save the new document:




      My code is working fine and merging properly,


      Is there any way to execute this script through commandline or using some other scripting languages like perl or through VB


      My objective is to automate the merging process without any manual intervention, I don't want to open acrobat manually to execute this javacript, i want to automate that process too,


      Please suggest me which will be very helpful to me,


      Thanks in advance


      Thanks & Regards

      Sathish V.