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    Crashes constantly on Facebook??


      Why is Flash crashing when on Facebook?  Playing the Facebook game FARMTOWN is terrible lately since Flash player is constantly crashing.

      I use Google Chrome, am on my older lap top which has XP as OS installed.  However was crashing constantly on my newer lap top also.  Newer has Windows 7 Home Premium OS.

      Have heard that due to the many complaints about crashes and causing systems to run very slow that there will be a replacement for Flash soon.  Who makes it and where and how soon can I get it?  Have taken to referring to Flash as that CRASH program.  I'm not alone with these problems BTW, many of us are hoping it's true about a new better program being develped.  Is it Adobe developing a replacement?

      Can anyone please tell me why Flash is crashing all the time?

      Thank you for any and all help here.