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    Dynamic Slideshow "blinks"


      I am trying to make a dynamic slideshow, that allows the user to type the number of pictures in the html, and then naming them consecutively. (is this a word??)
      It is working just fine, but I have a small problem when the loop starts over.

      I made a scene to reset the counters

      i = new Number();
      i = 0;
      max_pictures = new Number();
      max_pictures = 4;


      And then the actual slideshow in the next scene: AS in first frame

      if (i>max_pictures) {
      i = 1;
      picture = "billede"+i+".jpg";
      i2 = i-1;
      if (i2 == 0) {
      i2 = 1;
      picture2 = "billede"+i2+".jpg";
      loadMovie(picture, _root.viewer_1);
      loadMovie(picture2, _root.viewer_2);

      I then placed a couple of empty movieclips with the proper instance names and animated them.

      The problem is when the film loops and loads the next picture. I get a white "blink" every time...and it does not look good :·(

      Is there a smart way arround this, or did I get it all wrong?

      ++Michael Domino