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    Auto populate a table cell with some text

    Mark Southee Level 2

      I'm a long time FrameMaker user who is starting to get to grips with InDesign (CS5.5). I have a question about tables.


      In FrameMaker I create a 2 column 1 row table style to create a formatted Note style. The left hand cell uses a Paragraph style that has the text Note: in the Autonumber format field (see screenshot).


      This means when I add the table to a document, the text Note: is added automatically, formated as per the paragraph style.


      I have tried the following approach in InDesign:


      I've created a new Table style (2 column, 1 row)

      I've created a Cell style for the left hand cell. This references a Paragraph style with the folowing set up in the Bullets and Numbering section.



      However, the text "Note:" will not appear automatically in the left hand cell, unless I enter a letter, number or character, which rather defeats the object. I'm assuming that there is a way for InDesign to do what I want, but I just haven't found it yet? Any pointers appreciated!