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    CSS How to clear left or right?

    redbourn Level 1

      <style type="text/css">
      .placeimage {
          margin: 10px;
          float: left;
      <p>Park Geun-hye Elected As South Korea's First Female President</p>
      <p><img src="http://survivor-story.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/park-geun-hye.jpg" alt="Park Geun-hye Elected As South Korea's First Female President" width="310" height="207" class="placeimage" /></p>
      <p>After defeating Moon Jae-in in elections on December 19, 2012, she finally returned to her childhood home as the first female president of a country where women continue to face widespread sexism, huge income gaps with men doing the same work and few opportunities to rise to the top in business, politics and other fields.</p>
      <p>When Park Geun-hye (Born: February 2, 1952) last lived in the presidential Blue House more than thirty years ago, she was a young, stand-in first lady, who served after the assassination of her mother and before the killing of her dictator father. </p>

      <p style="clear: left;"></p>


      I inserted  <p style="clear: left;"></p> manually but that's obviously not the way to do it.


      I want to continue text after the clear left. Above text will be on the right of the image.


      So any help on how to do it using CSS (which I've decided to finally really get my head around) would be very much appreciated.


      CS4 - thinking of getting CS5 but don't imagine that the CSS will be a lot different.