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    Paragraph styles and text frame alignment


      Having *ahem* failed with my previous attempt to add text frames on Master pages (see this discussion) I am looking at plan B... I will put empty text frames on the Master and then use the dotted lines as guides when I work on the actual pages. This in turn raises several questions:


      1) Can one define the vertical alignment of text in a paragraph style?  - Many aps let you specify if you want the text to be top/bottom or centred as part of a text style, but it seems that in InDesign, that specification belongs to the text frame itself. Is there a way to specify that each time I use a style I want the text to be verticaly centred?


      2) If I draw a text frame, can I force its position relative to the margin defined as inside/outside? - This way if the pages changes from left to right, then the frame will automatically snap to the relevant place relative to the new margin. Again - and I may be pushing my luck here – can this be defined as a parapgraph style?