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    FLV playback component, progressive download, player crash

    Mr. Masterblaster

      I have an app that displays an flv file which is progressively downloaded from the server. The first time the file is downloaded, everything runs smoothly. If I try to download the file a second time, the player does not display the file and eventually crashes. If I clear the browser cache, the file will download correctly again and play, but, alas, the second time the same error occurs. The app is an interface that we use for delivering e-learning courses that are SCORM compatible and we are delivering the content through Moodle. We have not changed the app and the problem is occuring even on the same installation of Moodle. This interface has been in use for over two years without any problems until quite recently when a student complained about the videos. We also debugged the app by running the swf file locally. When run locally, this problem does not occur. This leads me to believe that there is some conflict between the browser cache and the flv playback componente


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