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    Delegate Workflow to Group doesn't working?




      i want to delegate a Workflow to a user group like its described here: http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/workflows/wf-using.html#Delegating a Participant Step.


      For example i have the group "revisor" and the users "revisor1" and "revisor2" which both are included in the group "revisor". My participant Step is set to the group "revisor".


      When i start my workflow it is correctly displayed in the workflow inbox for the users.


      Problem is that when i want to delegate the workflow to the group "revisor" the group itself is not displayed in the drop down list, but it should if my understanding is correct:


      If a group has been defined, then the list shows the group itself and all individual users within the group. You can delegate to either the entire group, or an individual user within that group.


      The users of the group are displayed.


      This behavior is the same as administrator.



      So, is my understanding wrong or did i missed something?