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    How to extend time in Premiere Elements 11?


      Hi all,


      I used Premiere Elements 9 (or something like that). There I could extend the time of a video clip with two methods:

      1) I could enter a % how fast the clip/part should be played (like 50% for half the normal speed)

      2) I could click a tiny button (I think, it was a small clock) and then drag the end of the video. This calculated the % of the time extend automatically.


      My questions:

      In Premiere Elements 11 it seems there is only the method where I can enter the %, is that correct?


      If yes, then I run into the issue, that extending the video, even on an empty line, moves all other videos around. How to avoid this effect?


      Any help is highly appreciated, thank you


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There is no longer a Time Stretch tool on the timeline in version 11. However, the Time Stretch tool can still be accessed by right-click and by the Tools menu.


          The new Time Remapping tool is a much more sophisticated tool for speeding up and slowing down video clips.

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            Akshat B Adobe Employee

            Hello M,


            1) In Premiere Elements 11 there are two tools to control time in a video. First is Time stretch in which you can choose a speed or the time in which you want to play the video.

            Second is Time Remapping. This tool gives you better control over the time flow in a video. You can select multiple sections in a video and apply different speeds on them.
            To Access this tool you need to select the clip on the timeline and then launch Time remapping from Tools menu.

            Please note that Audio of the clip will remain unchanged after applying time remapping.


            2) This is by design. Clips on other tracks will move if change the speed using time-remapping or time stretch.