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    PDF File size grows each time form is saved (even with no data changes) when open in browser.  Why?


      I have an SAP Adobe form (PDF) and we are seeing a difference in the Save behavior between when it is viewed in Adobe Reader vs. the adobe plug-in(?) for Internet Explorer.


      When the form is viewed in Internet Explorer, every time the user saves the form the file size grows (even with no data changes in the form - i.e., open the form, hit save). This is not true if the form is opened in Adobe Reader.


      The form in question has multiple pages but the only fields directly bound to the SAP source are a handful of identifiers (e.g., order number) and a dynamic table. It appears from our testing that the more entries in the table when the form is created, the greater the size increase each time the file is saved. The table length is not changed after the form is first generated.


      Is there a known difference in the behavior of Adobe Reader vs. the browser plug-in which would account for this difference? Maybe in the compression logic? 


      Our users have Adobe Reader X installed on their machines.