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    Adobe Edge - Webbanner


      Hi guys,


      i'm currently working on a webbanner in Adobe Edge (testing it as a alternative to flash) and I came across some problems.

      First one is following:


      So as you can see, the border of the circle is cut off.

      The circle itself is part of the background -> the text in the circle is a transparent .png file.

      Here a screen of my timeline:



      I know i that's really not a lot of information here, but i can't give you more detailed information because of copyright.

      So what could be a reason for that?


      My second problem is that a text i want to rotate, do work in adobe edge (as well as in the firefox preview), but when i upload the whole exported package on the webserver it doesnt work. code: rotate: transform (-6 deg);


      Hope you can help me.