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    Adding words to .udc (dictionary)


      Hi Forums,


      I use this to add the specific word in "User Dictionary" for a dyanmic spell check.


      Can i have help to add the words to the manually created shilpa.udc file.


      I have created shilpa.udc ==> inside User Dictionary ==>Target, i want to add specific words into that particular shilpa.udc using the UserInterface i have created.


      Show can i push the words, selecting Shilpa.udc from dropdown list or any other method....


      var myText = myDialog.add("edittext", undefined, "");

      var ADD = myGroup.add ("button", undefined, "ADD Words");

      var Exit = myGroup.add ("button", undefined, "Exit");



      ADD.onClick = function () {

      for (var i = 0; i < myCountDict; i++ ) {

          myUserDictionary = myUserDictionaries[i];

          var myAddedWords = [myText.text];






      thanks for the help...