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    Need Serious SetStyle() help!

    alan arthur
      I'm close to giving up, I could really use some advice.

      I've got a flash project that uses a couple of text areas.

      I just want to change the background color on one of them. Out of more than 100 tries, I only got it to work once, and that was transient.

      The textarea instance name is 'schedText'

      Here's my current code:

      _root.schedText.setStyle('backgroundColor', '0xBEBEBE');

      Comes out as white no matter what I do.
      I tried a global one too:

      _global.styles.TextArea.setStyle('backgroundColor', '0xBEBEBE');

      That didn't work either.

      Is there some sequence of events I'm missing or should it change dynamically - as soon as I issue the first code, shouldn't the text area background color change? I'm just putting the code in a frame. Does it matter where?

      I've been a programmer for more than 20 years, and this one has me pulling my hair out.
      Any assistance would be much appreciated.

      Next stop: Call Adobe? :-)