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    Premiere EL 11 importing video from Internet

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      I have been struggling undestanding how to properly manage video I download from the Internet and use in Premiere Elements 11.


      Most of the time I download from youtube with "Youtube Downloader HD" hoping that this is a valid tool to use and a lot of times I end up with a ".flv" file. If you know of any better software please suggest. Unfortunately, Premiere El. does not import flv file (I hope very soon development team can add this file format too, if possible). So, I have to use another software I purchased called "WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe" to convert the file into avi. (I know that the first software already converts it into avi but wish to retain the original file format.)


      I have PAL as live in Europe and would prefer 16:9 over 4.3 if possible, considering that most of the modern TV display are wide screen


      1.This is the specs of the movie I downloaded from Youtube at 480p

      Codifica Video flv.png

      First thing I notice is that I should have 25fps for PAL rather than 29.970029.

      Question n. 01: when converting it into avi can I change frame per second into 25 or should I keep it as it is and in this case select 30fps?

      (I ask this question for when I will import it into Premiere EL.)


      Question n. 02: when I start a new project what do I select among the many selections (for PAL)? Can someone please provide me the full path from beginning "File/New/Project/Project Settings"?


      Question n. 03: as previously stated I selected in Youtube 480p (which should correspond to Progressive Scan 480P 640x480). Howcome in the property of the movie (I obtained it from the VLC Player while playing the movie) reports being 854x470? What should I do?


      Question n. 04: is AVI the best video format to convert for later on import into Premiere EL or not? If not, what do you advise me to select?


      Last Question: Please it is so important: can someone list me some valid links where to learn about all video format commonly used and how to master this initial portion of the Premiere EL project?

      This so that I will be able to manage and properly set correct project settings in future.


      Thank you,

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          VDOSurfer Level 3

          Adobe maintains that the formats that go into Premiere Elements are those which come out of a camera. FLV does not and so it is not supported. I remember seeing this as an official response to a similar question (Can't find that thread)

          To answer your questions to the best of my knowledge:

          1. Do not change the output frame rate to 25 from an external software. I say this because there are many algorithms that convert a 30 fps to 25 (Which frames are dropped, what happens to P-frames, bidirectional frames etc.). And Adobe will best understand an algorithm that is theirs. So keep the frame rate to 29.97 when converting to DV-AVI

          2. Convert the video to a project setting that Premiere Elements has. You want a Widescreen, so do a 16:9, 720x480, DV-AVI. This video when brought into Premiere Elements will switch the project automatically to the NTSC DV Widescreen

          3. I don't know this. There are too many things that could have gone wrong. The downloader could have encoded differently, the original file would have been this resolution but youtube chose to "categorize" this as 480P since it is the closest preset for them. VLC could be showing it wrong. Cconvert it to DV-AVI and you will surely see some borders but should not really be an issue once viewed in Full screen. I personally stop noticing them after a while and it is not a pain, for me.

          4. Use DV-AVI. Premiere Elements simply likes it