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    Dimensions increase with OAM in Dreamweaver?

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      When viewing a final page containing a deployed .oam file, why do the dimensions increase when compared to the original composition created in Edge? The result makes it hard to account for especially since it adds white space along the bottom. You'd think the size specified in the original composition would remain unchanged.

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Hi Kevin, I had a look into to it and I see what you mean. I can't determin if its Edge publish/ or Dw Insert that adds the extra 20 to the w/h. I am leaning towards Dw.


          I wonder if it its supposed to account for scrollbars. Because thats exactly how much space they occupy (20px). Dw <object> tag seems to add 20px to the right, and 20px to the bottom. Kindof explains the gap, but why they are added when not needed?? I am not sure.


          Perhaps one of the dev members (they are on holiday break until Jan 3rd) can offer better detail into this.


          Possible workaround - know that the extra 20 to the width/height will occur upon Dw > Insert Media, try shorting the original w/h of the Edge stage, republish and re-insert through Dw.



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            Hi Darrell,


            Thanks for your response. I had actually tried omitting the extra 20 pixels on in my Stage dimensions, but because I have an image as a background, it still showed that 20 pixel gap.


            My workaround: I was able to correct my problem by adjusting the dimensions of the object and then specifying a height for the div I inserted the object into on my page. That'll do the job for now, and hopefully there is a better solution from the dev team to avoid having to manually correct the dimensions.


            I appreciate your help!



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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              Good stuff - hopefully the dev team can provide a fix or a technical reason for this occuring, in the new year.