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    CS6 unable to un-install an extension

    Dean44xx Level 1

      I wanted to upgrade a Dreamweaver Extension  to a newer version.

      (Extension: WebAssist Databridge on Windows Vista - Dreamweaver CS6 in CS6 Design Premium)


      First I tried to uninstall the existing version (v.1.1.2) using Extension Manager.

      After waiting for more than an hour I aborted the process using Windows Task Manager.

      I then installed the new version (v.1.1.3)


      However, I'm now in a muddle because both versions seem to be showing on in Extension Manager (via Manage Sets) - but I'm unable to remove either:


      Outside of Manage Sets I just see the old version - with Enabled unchecked and a yellow triangle showing. The mouse-over message with the triangle is 'Extension status is not consistent with extension set configuration)


      When I try to remove either I get the message 'The specified extension 'WADataBridge.mxi' is not installed'.

      When I click OK in the message box - I just get returned to Extension Manager.


      When I click 'Manage Sets' both versions are listed - but Delete is greyed out - All that is available is Duplicate Import and Export.


      Can anyone explain how I can un-install these extensions? (to enable me to install the latest version properly)

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          Carl Sun Level 4

          I guess the new version Databridge has worked in DW, you can check it in DW. You killed Extension Manager so the database wasn't updated properly. You can try to delete "C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Extension Manager CS6\Configuration\DB\ExManUser.db" (This is path in Windows 7, I have no Vista installed so I don't whether the path in Vista is the same, anyway you can search for it), then launch Extension Manager. This file will be recreated but if you have ever created some extension sets yourself, these set configuration information will be lost.

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            Dean44xx Level 1

            Thanks Carl. To resolve the problem I uninstalled 'Desigh and Web Premium CS6' and re-installed. This allowed me to sucessfully install the extension.


            Of course the real problem here was the amount of time it took to un-install the extension - Web Assist Support thought that Norton Internet Security might be to blame.


            If I get the problem again, perhaps I'll try your suggestion above - although I noticed that InDesign seems to install numerous extensions - which might be at risk using this approach?.


            Many Thanks