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    CS3 unexpectably quitting

    nik c

      I have a very strange problem. This happened with Dreamweaver a couple of weeks ago and (possibly was due to it storing most used javascripts in a cache file that got corrupeted).

      Now it is happening to Flash CS3: I am working on a little file and suddenly when I move a movie clip that contins a little animation, it just quits on me. No error message, no 'you better save your work, this app has become unstable' message.

      Just quits. This is heartwrenchingly annoying, especially as we jsut paid I don't know ho much to upgrade from Flash 8, to which this never happened (actually same story with Dreamweaver, but that's for another forum ....)

      Any ideas?

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          BSpero Level 1
          I had a similar issue with CS3 when I upgraded. Do you work on an external drive with your files, or are they on your root drive. After talking with the Adobe tech for about half an hour, we determined that Flash would quit on files that were on a drive that was not my root,but if they were, for example, on my desktop, I wouldn't have th problem. This is a big issue for me, as I have a lot of projects going on, and keep them on a dedicated project drive. For now, I have taken to copying active projects to a folder on my root drive, and moving to the projects drive when I am done. The bug is horrible of course. Hopefully they'll come up with a solution and update the program. I am actually surprised there are not more people having this issue. Perhaps there are some other conditions that must exist for it to happen, so it's not universal. Just a few thoughts.
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            nik c Level 1
            HI BSpero,

            That soudns exactly like my problem!

            In Fact this is exactly what happens to me in Dreamweaver as well. I am working exclusively from external disks and it brings me close to a walk out when I hve written some script or worked on some designs, and the app just disappears!

            As you say - if Adobe knows about the issue! --->>> ADOBE are you listening?: Please inveastigate and release a bug fix as soon as possible.

            Nik C