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    After Effects Crash when audio file is dragged to layers panel, but not when dragged to comp window

    Mega Maniac

      Ok, so this is an odd one, and as it has a work around its not a huge issue, but it would be good to get to the bottom of it.


      If I load an audio file of any type (wav, aiff, mp3 etc) into the project window everything is fine, however if I drag it down to the composition layers panel I get a crash.


      However, if I drag the file to the composition widow (to the right) this does not cause a crash, and now that this has loaded the audio file in question I can drag it freely wherever I like without a crash. However if I import a different audio file and drag it downward to the composition layers panel it crashes again.


      I am running cs5.5 upodated to the latest and running Mountain Lion.


      Crash report