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    Quality degrade after export even with highest quality settings and animation codec


      I have noticed that everything that has been proccesed by Premiere (this doesnt count for straight edits exported in the native size and format) has a sligt degrade in quality. For example, I have a 1005x700 source clip in the animation codec, create a 1280x720 sequence, add the clip to the timeline (no scaling, filters or anything), put a color solid underneath it and export. Even when exporting using higest possible quality settings (animation codec, quality slider to 100, 1280x720 frame dimension (same as sequence), render at maximum depth, usemaximum render quality) theres a sligt quality degration going on. Have a look at the following exported frames and look for the color offset in for example to white text color against the black background, which reminds me of a "VGA like" signal compared to a DVI/HDMI signal.




      Tested doing the same thing in Final Cut Pro 7 and everything stands just as clear as the source material. Am I missing a Premiere quality setting or whats the explanation of this?