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    AI graphic falls apart in Premiere Pro CS6


      Hey guys,


      I've brought a very simple vectored graphic (png from illustrator) into premiere CS6 to use as a logobug in the lower right corner.


      So here's what my timeline looks like. All white with logobug(intro), footage of speaker with logobug(middle), and then all white with logobug(end).


      Here's what's driving me crazy.


      When I render and export this really short sequence, the graphic(logobug) at the beginning falls apart. By this I mean that it looks pixelated and like a copy of a copy. Just looks crappy.

      But when the speaker footage starts, the graphic/logobug all of a sudden looks real sharp. And at the end when the speaker's footage is done and it's just the logobug over white, the logobug looks GREAT.


      I have no idea what's going on here? The logo bug looks horrible in the beginning and then great over the middle and at the end. I've tried exporting it as multiple file types. I've asked the graphic artist to redo the art and give me a different copy. But same results.


      timeline is 640by480, 60fps dslr footage with the png vectored logobug from the graphic artist, and he made it in illustrator


      Specs: 580gtx, 16g ram, 2 HDs, with CS6 Production Suite


      Thanks a bunch!