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    I need help with a path

    yesdream Level 1
      Can anyone help me determine the correct path? I am updating a site for someone and running into a wall.

      The homePage.swf loads into the main index2.swf upon opening.

      The index2.swf is the main page and includes the mainmenu links which then load all the other .swf files into this page. When each file loads, there is a closing transition .swf before loading the next .swf. Note – all links are activated from within the mainmenu within index2.swf

      Now they want a couple links (from within the homepage.swf which is loaded into the index2.swf) to link to another page, which would replace the current homepage.swf and then load within that same index2.swf.

      I have posted the code from one of the buttons on mainmenu index2.swf which loads each .swf.


      mainMenu.homeBtn.onRelease = function() {
      if (_root.section != "homePage.swf") {
      _root.section = "homePage.swf";
      trans.gotoAndPlay ("closing");
      btnRelease.start (0,0);


      My question is; How do I link my new button from within the currently loaded homePage .swf back to a .swf to load within the main page?

      I hope that I have included enough info for someone to help. If not, please let me know and I’ll continue. Thank you. Also – the current site is at phantomaudio.com if that helps.