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    Windows Aero = Evil!


      Greetings all!


      I have been trying to figure out why some of my renders (and some source material) appeared jittery during playback, particularly on a dual-monitor setup. For a  L O N G  time.


      The short answer: They were fine. Windows Aero was the culprit. (Google "Second monitor video jitter" or similar) and poof! There it is...


      Just select a non-Aero theme and voila! Goodness...





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You don't say what version of Windows you're using -- but how Aero performs on your computer pretty much depends on your graphics card.


          If you've got a decently powered graphics card (ie, your Windows Graphics Experience Index is above a 5) Aero should not give you any problems at all. And it certainly should not affect how the program renders -- which is based solely on processor performance.


          Although, if you were able to solve the problem, that's all that matters.

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            Skeeter123 Level 1

            My apologies, Steve....in my excitement.....sigh..


            OK.. Windows 7 64 bit Laptop, (Clevo P150EM)  i7 3740Q, Nvidia 675M 2Gb, 16G RAM, All SSD drives (2)...Windows Graphics Experience = 6.9...


            It made a heck of a difference. You are correct about the render performance..But all this time I thought I was having render issues....ugh!


            I even have PE11 set to run on the Nvidia Graphics card....not sure if that even matters because PE11 rarely even uses the GPU


            I do not have the latest Nvidia drivers since Clevo hasn't posted them yet....


            I have the same issue on my desktop...will check that when I get back home... I know I have Aero enabled on it...


            I've encountered this "phenomenon" regards of application, PE11, CS5, Sony Vegas, and PowerDirector 10(?).


            I hope this helps anyone with similar issues....


            Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it..


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              VDOSurfer Level 3

              Some of the "Help yourself" posts in this beautiful forum ask you to turn it off for a good editing experience. Just saying that it was covered in the syllabus

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                Skeeter123 Level 1

                I found Steve's hint's from 2009 (which are still helpful), but I can't find the "Help Yourself" posts. Is it under "Premiere Elements" somewhere? Got a link?



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                  Skeeter123 Level 1

                  Outstanding! What does "BadDrivers.txt" do?



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                    VDOSurfer Level 3

                    If the software finds a display/graphics driver bad (crashes, launch issues etc.) it creates an entry in this file. The repercussions will be that there will be a message that "the driver needs to be changed" (or something like that) and the software will not use the underlying Graphics hardware AT ALL. Now, how much does it use the GPU if it was good? Minimal, but a bad driver is sure to cause issues with Premiere Elements.

                    Delete this file and it will be reassessed if there really needs to be an entry (Sometimes the drivers are changed after we look at the message, but the entry in this file remains). If it is still bad, hard luck!

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                      Skeeter123 Level 1



                      Most interesting. I have an entry there and, since removing Aero, I have an issue that when I move a window, e.g., a Window Explorer window, I get "trails" of that window over the screen....not a PE issue but interesting nonetheless. Trying to figure out that one now...


                      ..and thanks again. You guys are quite helpful!