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    Roto brakes when/on rendering

    kapten1 Level 1

      Adobe After Effects CS6

      Windows 7 x64

      8 GB RAM

      GeForce 8800 GTS 640 MB


      So, I'm new to After Effects but I've learned lots of the basics recently and consider myself an advanced user with basic knowledge of this software.

      I would very much appreciate any help with an issue I can't solve myself.

      I've got a scene when my sister moves around a little bit and I used the rotobrush tool to cut her out and then pasted her in another scenery.

      When I started to apply effects and different filters I noticed parts of her disappeared, the roto became broken, but I solved this with precomps. Everything went well until the rendering. I did preview the whole editing in realtime with success, but when I render it for real there are just her hands still there. I'm using the H.264 codec, 1080p/50. The project and all the compositions also have these settings. What can be the cause of this?