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    Output for Film festivals


      Hi - I was hoping someone could advise.


      I'm working on an animated short which I hope to be entering into the major festivals (Annecy, Hiroshima, Zagreb, etc.). While I'm not new to the making process, I am new to professional output and was wondering if anyone more experienced could help?


      My basic workflow at the minute is:

      1. Compositing CG sequences with various video etc in After Effects

      2. Output of shots as Quicktime (png codec) 1920X1080

      3. Editing of shot in premiere pro CS5


      So my question is


      1. Whats the best final output from premiere? (Uncompressed Tiff sequence?)


      2. Submission guidelines cite an array of formats (for example,

      Annecy asks for DigiBeta, HDCAM and DCP (non encrypted, without KDM).

      Zagreb asks for 35 mm, 16mm, Betacam SP PAL, Digital Betacam PAL, HD Cam or DCP format)


      Which of these is best/on the way out or in - and is it just a case of giving my tiff sequence to someone who provides the transfer service or is there more to it?

      Has anyone experience of this in the UK?

      Digibeta seems prominent but is this for SD only?


      Thanks in advance.