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    Copy/pasting cell contents without cell formatting?

    donayer Level 1

      I was given a design with content divided into a dozenish boxes per page, all made as tables in ID. This content is sentences, lists, tabs, math, etc.; it's not just a table full of numbers. The manuscript was provided as tables in a Word doc. Due to the subtle differences in how the tables are built and how the two applications handle tables, I've been unabled to find an efficient way to get the content from the DOC into the INDD. So far, only copy/pasting the content cell by cell seems to work.


      I can import the whole DOC into my ID file, keeping table and text formatting, but the imported tables themselves are the wrong stroke weight, color, ...wrong everything. I need to use the tables I've already got set up in my ID template.


      If I could just solve this one little problem, I'd be golden: Is there a way to copy the contents of one InDesign table to another InDesign table without carrying over the formatting of the table itself?


      Ideally, I'd like to keep all the text formatting that's so easy to do upon import. I found the script PopTabUnleashed, which is close to what I need in that it strips all the cell formatting, but it also strips all the text formatting. I'm not sure if that's a step forward or a step back.


      I appreciate any suggestions!


      (Oh, This is a Mac and I actually get to use CS6 on this job, for once!)