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    Hyperlinks not staying after upload


      I create a weekly staff newsletter for Staff in InDesign CS6 that is uploaded to our staff website for staff to view/download.  There are many hyperlinks throughout the document which I have created using the hyperlinks toolbar and they all work fine.  (ie the text www.website.com links to a url www.website.com).  The problem I have is linking text to a URL and having it stay (ie the text 'Staff Calendar' links to a calendar url www.calendar.com). 


      I create a hyperlink and it works fine when I PDF it (either using the Export to PDF (print) with hyperlinks selected or Export to PDF (Interactive).  I then upload it to our website but when you view the PDF online or download it from our website the Calendar text link down't work anymore.  I have tried adding the link a few different ways and exporting it with different settings but the link doesn't seem to hold.  The most frustrating part is that the same link in last week's newsletter works fine. 


      To work around, I have added the Calendar link in Acrobat using it's 'Add link' feature and this seems to work but it would be great not to have to add the extra step at the end.