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    CS5 bookmarks not working (including TOC bookmarks) - does CS6 fix this?


      Version: CS5 7.04

      I am exporting an interactive PDF from a book (.indb) with 13 linked files and 530 pages. The table of contents bookmarks are included in the PDF file but none of them work. Most do nothing, but (very strangely) one chapter spawns a new instance of Adobe reader and opens the wrong file. The hyperlinks in the document show the finger pointer when moused-over, but nothing happens when you click.


      I have tried everything I can think of including suggestions from other posts - rebuilding the book file from scatch, deleting preferences, using Abobe reader 10, and making 100% sure "create bookmarks" is checked when TOC is created.


      Apparently this is a known problem in CS5 and CS 5.5, with no solution in any of the threads






      Needless to say, I'm desperate. Is this problem fixed in Indesign CS6?


      Does anyone know of any way to get the bookmarks to work in CS5?