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    Error:  "Sowwy, a seewious ewwuh,...." My Lord!

    zech3 Level 1

      Error Premiere Pro CS5.5 / OS 10.7.5 on a Macbook Pro


      Ok, I'm on the above system, nothing unusual. Normal codecs and settings and haven't even dug into using many effects yet. Notoriously crashing while I'm in the effects panel, BUT since I'm not using many effects yet, I'm usually just finished a new title and closing it going back to timeline and WHAM-O!!


      Man, it never crashed before even once! Hmmm,.. what am I doing different? Tried switching drives [it was a new LaCie] and that fixed it, for a good 20 minutes of edit time which was better than only 5-10. Next will try another project, and then maybe different source files?


      I see this is a massive problem for Adobe right now especially in CS6. But, don't they have it solved yet for CS5.5 which is pushing 2 years old now??? 

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          shooternz Level 6

          Could be anything..but in your case..maybe overheating or similar hardware issue.


          How many drives are you using btw?  (Sounds like one external only?)

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            zech3 Level 1

            I'm using a new LaCie 3TB I believe with fw800. The source file for project are only about 38GB now. I have other HDs plugged in as well. But that's the working drive for now...


            Last project about a couple months ago, I was using a Glyph 1TB also w/ fw800 and had absolutely no problems. But now I'm afraid if something's been corrupted I don't want to bring that over to my Glyph because that's where all my paying work is...


            I've heard the project file could have been corrupted but could the [source] files be corrupted as well??