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      Hey all, I am trying to insert a sideshow from fire works that I created into dreamweaver, a little background windows 7, and I am using master collection cs4. When I make the sideshow I can preview it after it is completed in FW, after the slide is done I drag all files that have been made in FW into a folder I create in DW called slides, I then drag the file called player_black.swf onto my html page I have made, the player will show up but there are no pictures in the slide. I save the page after I drag the player onto my page but when I hit play at the bottom of DW I get no slide and also when I preview in a browser I get no slide. As before I am new to all this, and any feed back would be greatly appreceated  could someone please direct me to a video for dummies or give me some feedback on what you think the problem might be. I hope I have given enough info but I will more than happy to respond if anyone needs any more information that I might have left out.