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    FAQ: What's different between using Revel with Elements 11 vs Elements services in earlier versions?

    Pete.Green Adobe Employee

      Q: What are the differences between using Revel with Elements 11 versus using Elements membership services with earlier versions of Elements?


      A: With Elements 11, you can share photos from your Elements 11 Organizer to AdobeRevel.com. With Elements versions 10 and earlier, there is no direct connection to Revel.


      Revel allows access to your photos and photo edits across multiple devices unlimited online photo storage. Learn more.



      For Elements version 10 and earlier users:

      Click here to archive your Photoshop.com library so you do not lose any files.

      You will be asked to download an Adobe Air application called Media Downloader



      adobe media downloader.jpg

      adobe downloader2.jpg


      adobe download in progress.jpg