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    Slowing timeline to half speed

    twistedpancreas Level 1
      Ok I have a chemistry experiment to simulate, where a student slowly leaks out some iodine down a burette into a flask.

      I have a button ("fastBtn") which just plays the timeline, but I also have another ("slowBtn") which I want to play the timeline at half speed onPress.

      Also if the user goes to press fastBtn again it will need to play at normal speed again as well.

      I know I've got the wrong code on my slowBtn at the moment but you get the idea from my file.

      here's my file http://home.exetel.com.au/twistedpancreas/images/burette.fla

      I've tried looking for the code to do this but got lost, if anyone can help me find my way, that would be most appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.