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    Hi, i'm new to adobe bridge


      Hello guys.


      This is my first time  using Adobe Bridge (CS3) to view most of images file related. But i didnt really know how it supposedly work, so i just move the files by dragging them from their original folders, straight to the adobe bridge home screen. And apparently its worked. The home screen shows all of images and i can easily view those files. Until one day i moved my pc to a new place, i didnt do anything to any of my pc software. And when i turn on my pc on my current new place, those images that ive been moved to Bridge just gone....


      Can anyone please help me to answer what did i do wrong? Or at least tell me, where are those image moved when i dragged em outta the folder to the Bridge home screen? Because i can't locate any of the file on my hard disk, and those files are now just gone without a trace.


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          Yammer Level 4

          That all really depends on what you mean by "home screen".


          When I start up Bridge, the Content panel (the largest panel in my workspace) shows the last folder or Collection I was working on. I have never tried it, but I'd imagine dropping files on that panel would move them to that folder (or copy, if on a separate volume).


          So, the question is: on which panel did you drop the images, and what did the panel usually show?

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            Omke Oudeman Level 5

            That all really depends on what you mean by "home screen".



            As I recall there used to be a folder called Home in the favorites panel that has disappeared in CS5 or CS6.


            If you did only move your computer to a different place in your house there should be no reason the files have gone. If you were attached to a network and moved to a different house or location their might be your problem.


            And this will not help you at this moment but in general, always make a proper back up of files that are important to you and also don't experiment with important files in applications you don't know how they work, first try learning a bit of it.


            Bridge is not a very complex application to learn the basics and it is a file browser that is capable of moving your files around so it is still very possible the files are somewhere on a folder on your system.


            Can you clarify what system you are using?