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    Brush size preview




      I've already asked this question earlier but did never get any answer. In Photoshop 6 the preview of the brushsize get almost invisible when working with low opacity, the same problem occurs when working with Dodge tool and low exposure.

      In earlier versions the preview showed in 100% even if working in low opacity. Now it's impossible to se how big feather och the size of the brush without first going up too higher opacity. Can I somehow show the preview in 100% even if working in low opacity like 3%????


      100% opacity


      3% opacity


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          Doug.S Level 3

          I know of no way and further it would be misinformation; Ps is correctly showing you that at 3%, the brush has a very small effect as shown by the very faint red spot.

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            I've noticed this as well, and have learned to live with it.  If you haven't turned it off, there is of course the textual readout of the three parameters.




            After having gotten used to it this way, I have to agree with Doug, it would be misleading the other way, though I would support an option for people who use very low opacity brushes.


            And this:


            Why the heck isn't there a second modifier key to allow the interactive configuration of the opacity in addition to the size and hardness?



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              simonhellsten Level 1

              Yes, I understand the logic to simulate %. But in my way of working, it is just annoying. Especially since I mostly work with the flow and not opacity, then it is important to see how big and how soft the brush is and not how transparent it is. I was hoping there was some way to turn this function of.

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                Doug.S Level 3

                You can set prefs (brush cursor) to change what the brush icon looks like....choose from those settings to select what works best of all the choices.


                You "could" change some parameters with internal programming code, but it might be too risky or time consuming or expensive.


                You can submit suggestions to Adobe; they do listen to inputs but do not always implement what everyone wants.

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                  simonhellsten Level 1

                  Yea, it seems like there´s no solution to my problem at this point so maybe I should suggest it to Adobe.