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    Can my SWF invoke a local .NET assembly?


      How do I get my AS2 code to interact with _local_ resources without using XML files? Here's what I mean.

      My SWF file needs to be able to query a local SQLite database. But after a lot of searching, I'm convinced that this is not possible with just Flash8/AS2 (I have heard about something called SQLite Connector. But it requires SWF Studio).

      As an alternative to having my AS2 code interact with SQLite directly, is there a way for my AS2 code to invoke a function in a .NET assembly or COM object, so that my locally-registered .NET assembly does the work of getting the data out of my
      database and somehow return the record into my calling AS2 code?

      Can my SWF call a procedure to a local .NET assembly and if so, where can I find out the details?


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          Greg Dove Level 4
          This is not possible with flash/as2 alone, you are correct.

          You should investigate 3rd party projector wrappers like swf studio, zinc etc.

          I've not tried it, but there is some activity in the opensource arena with something called Haxe/Neko that works with flash. I don't know if it will do what you want.

          If you're using as3, then Adobe AIR might be a good option, but I think it would be by using an embedded SQLite db, and it has regular access to the file system etc.

          Hopefully some leads there for you to check out. Nothing definitive I'm afraid.