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    Air 3.5 storeVoucher not found on DRMManager


      Hi all, I've been having problems with storeVoucher method, so I investigated and realized I was using Air 3.1, so I upgraded to 3.5. I'm still getting problems with this method, here is the error trace:


      [Fault] exception, information=ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property storeVoucher not found on flash.net.drm.DRMManager and there is no default value.


      Also I checked in the documentation and this method is supposedly supported in Air 3.0



      Runtime Versions: Flash Player 11.0, AIR 3.0

      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/flash/net/drm/DRMManage r.html#storeVoucher%28%29


      But when I filter out Air 3.5 this method disapears from the documentation..


      Any ideas on this?