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    Slow video playback CS6


      When playing P2 DVCproHD 24PN codec the video is show to the audio. This is a legacy project that worked in CS 5.5. In a pervious discussion Adobe has stated all raw codes continue to be supported from CS 5.5.

      To help find a setting issue let me run through what I have tryed to do for the fix.

      Have the sequence match the original footage. Have tried many sequence codec options.

      Turn Mercury engine on and off.

      Issue is present when looking at the video in: source, sequence, rendered sequence, media browser.

      Raw media reimported with Prelude and transcoded as P2 movie has NO playback issue.

      Other raw P2 media recorded at 60i has NO issue.

      Exported sequence plays correctly.


      System Windows 7

      HP 8600

      8 gigs ram

      FX 4800 graphic card

      AJA Kona LE+  SDI to Monitor.  Monitor is matching the source and sequence window perfect.


      Hope I gave system and problem details.


      Thanks  Jim