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    Compiling for AIR in builder 3 - error

      hi there,

      i am pretty new to flex and air, especially to flex builder. i recently downloaded flex 3 builder beta 2.
      i have created a basic application which currently is simply trying to call a coldfusion cfc. but when i complie i get this error: NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Failed: url: ' http://emotingTest.swf/flex2gateway/'
      as you can see, the filename and url have somehow been cutoff... the project's name is RemotingTest and the project files are sitting in a folder in my cf 7 wwwroot.

      i am not sure if this is some kind of bug or if i am messing up somewhere... most likely the latter as i have compiled a different air app which wasn't trying to speak to cf!

      any advice would be very much appreciated as i cannot really move forward until i can speak from air to my cf server.

      thanks a mil',