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    Make Email addresses a link automatically?


      How can I make the email addresses used in my Indesign Document interactive = starting email client.

      I could not find anything like "make email adress clickable" - which I had expected in the "interacive PDF" section.

      I expected that I could just choose emails to be interactive or not, but it seems to be complicated. I do not want to rely on the PDf-client's ability to guess what is a link an what not.

      And I do not want to mark every email adress and put in some stupid html-commands. What do I have software for?

      Thx for your help!


      Well, I just found right-mouse-click on text -> interactive -> new hyperlink -> verknüpfen mit email -> address -> go back > copy email-adress -> new hyperlink ->->- > paste mailadress . This is way to complicated. I have a ton of email addresses in that document.

      Readers should just hover over them and click them to create a new mail in their mailclient.