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    Adobe Edge Animate // Syntax problem


      Hey adobe people,


      I'm having problems with an animation I want to do. I have a big scene with allot of objects en objects nested in objects etc. My breadcrumbs looks like this: Stage / Object 1 / Object 11 / Object 111 / image. What I want to do is when I click on the image nested in all these objects, I want the timeline on "Object 1" to start playing. When I insert a action: sym.getSymbol("Object1").play(); in "image", nothing happens.


      When I grab the image from "Object 111" and place it at "Object 1" and give it the action: sym.play(); it works but that messes up my animation because the symbols beneath the image dont work anymore.


      What is the correct code to use here? Or a clever way around this?


      Thanks in advance!